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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Office De-clutter: 5 tips for the busy worker

At Errandsplus we’re called out from time to time to help de-clutter work spaces; a task which we particularly enjoy doing by the way. Usually, all that’s required is a little bit of our planning and organisational genius and the work is done in no time at all...and then the cycle is repeated because for many, work space clutter is a real and constant issue. People are happy to dump receipts, bills, bank statements, letters etc in their work spaces, just to keep the living area free and conducive for relaxation.

Our tips below should help you enjoy a better organised and better functioning work space:

1. Set aside a couple of minutes every day just before the close of work, to chuck away useless pieces of paper, put away pens, markers and other stationery into their holders and to give your space a quick tidy.
2. Get a brightly coloured medium sized box for dumping the usual suspects like shopping receipts which easily form a pile (I use an inexpensive red box from Ikea) and make time whenever suitable to file them away.
3. Avoid bringing in items that have no use in your work space e.g. items of clothing and cutlery, although the odd coffee mug should pose no problem. These have a way of taking up usable space.
4. Personalise your work space to suit your preferences in design and colour; importantly invest in the right furniture for your height, body size and even type of work.
5. Keep items you use daily within easy reach, and store away spares and bulks.
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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Errand Runners - They make a difference!

Every day, Errands Plus’ Runners are out in different parts of London and the UK, running all kinds of errands, helping people, and doing the most amazing things in the community.  Each errand is unique – as unique as each of our clients. The work we do is not just about buying grocery or picking up dry-cleaning – it’s more about the hours saved in someone’s life.  
The extra hours can be turned into a special time with a brother or sister, or that extra time needed to bond with a friend. It may also be time just for you, spent doing absolutely nothing.  It’s invaluable time.
In the words of one of our errand runners, below is a wonderful example of how our work goes beyond errand running.  This is about making a positive impact in a family’s situation and the invaluable return one client got by using Errands Plus.  
I was asked to run errands for a woman whose mother was receiving treatment for cancer in Upminster. She worked shifts at the London Underground and found it difficult at times to fulfil her rota duties and be by her mum’s side at the same time. She asked me to buy fresh fruits and re-stock her food cupboard. She also requested for me to ensure she stays snug and warm and asked for updates following each visit which I gave promptly. By my 3rd visit I knew I was definitely making a difference because her mum had a big smile waiting for me. She was looking forward daily to my visits and involved me in other personal errands like helping to apply for her freedom pass. I feel quite fulfilled that I am able to make some sort of difference in someone else’s life.

- C.B.

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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Banking Blues...

If you run your own small business you probably know that Mondays are not the best days to do any kind of banking errand; not in London at least. The morning queues are endless, move at snail-pace, and the cashiers seem slower than usual. From experience, a bank errand on a Monday morning takes about six to ten times longer than on other days of the week.

To save time, you should seriously consider running bank errands on other days of the week and at quieter times, say just before the bank’s closing time. Alternatively, why not delegate your bank errands to a professional errand runner? An errand runner takes away the hassle of standing in long queues and helps you save time for more pressing matters.

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