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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Time for Tea

England is famous for a lot of things - The Queen, Big Ben, Harry Potter, David Beckham - the list goes on. We’re stereotyped as being stern monarchists with bad teeth. But the one thing that we are known for the world over is our love for a good cup of tea. Like an Irishman and his Guinness, any self-respecting English person knows: when in doubt, put the kettle on.

Here at Errands Plus, a common request we receive is to pick up items from Fortnum and Mason – the quintessential English store in Piccadilly & experts on our beloved drink. It seems that the British obsession with a good cuppa shows no signs of slowing down, so here are a few little known facts on our favourite beverage.

Forget laughter, tea is the best medicine
Tea is good for your health. Studies from around the world have found that tea is nutritious, and according to the National Tea Council, drinking four cups a day could improve your health. It’s got all sorts of benefits from keeping your heart healthy to making your teeth stronger.

Variety is the spice of life
There are around 1,500 varieties of tea. You’ve probably heard of the well-known flavours of green, peppermint and nettle, but did you know that you could be drinking a cup of gummy bear flavoured tea? Or even cookies and cream? With the festive season in full swing, lots of tea specialists are selling festive flavoured ones too - Christmas in a mug!

Any excuse for a break
The humble tea break – an essential part of the day in every office – has been with us for around 300 years. It started when workers used to start their days before the sun came up, and were allowed a food and tea break in the morning as their breakfast.

A good cup of TLC
We all know that a good cup of tea is soothing, but some teas have actually been proven to calm stress and reduce anxiety levels. Teas such as camomile and lavender are filled with goodness that reduce nerve levels and keep you relaxed.

So there you have it – every time you drink a cup of tea you’re relaxing, being healthy and taking part in a 300-year-old tradition. The noise of a boiling kettle has never sounded so good…

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