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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Could you benefit from Freelancing?

The year 2011 has played host to some of the biggest events in UK history. 2011 will forever be remembered as the year of the Royal Wedding, the last ever Harry Potter film, and the year that Mr Darcy finally won an Oscar. But some events, although not quite so well known, are still important for our country and deserve a bit of recognition. We bring you, The National Freelancers Day!

Last year in November, The National Freelancers Day was celebrated for the third consecutive year. Set up by PCG, the freelancers’ trade association, the day is aimed at gaining wider recognition for the contribution that freelancers make to the UK economy. This day is particularly important in the light of recent studies that have shown a 12% increase in the amount of people choosing to work freelance.

Freelancing covers most sectors and suits a wide range of workers, from those self-employed to those who work with contracts of varying lengths. There is no typical freelancer but all are needed and indispensible to UK businesses. Freelancing is very important to the economy because sometimes businesses need resources that are more flexible than those that can be acquired under regular ‘terms of employment’.

Here at Errands Plus our freelancers are vital in the working of our business. They come from all backgrounds and age groups and share a common trait – the passion to help fulfill tasks! Ever smiling, they are hard workers who will brave unfavorable weather to provide excellent service. There is usually a runner available at short notice or willing to put in extra hours to help fulfill our promise to clients. We are proud of this lot and count it a privilege to be working with such a dedicated team.

The 2011 Freelancers Day was a huge success, with the Prime Minister David Cameron endorsing the day. For more information about freelancing and engaging freelancers, visit

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