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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Easy Easter 2014

So it’s Easter THIS WEEKEND! You’ve been very busy at work and haven’t had time to get that surprise gift for your significant other. You’ve also got family coming over and require food and basic essentials for their comfort. Your deadline only gets tighter and the pressure is on. We’ll give you a minute to let the panic set in, shall we?

The good news is that you’re not entirely without options. You could take time off your very tight schedule to order a gift online and hope that it arrives on time. You could also risk the boss’ wrath and pull a sickie, then wait at home just to let the folks in. How about spending your break time on the tube, travelling around and struggling to make sense of your chaotic shopping rendezvous?

Okay, maybe you could very simply hand us your to-do list. Errand managers are on hand to do your shopping; purchase, wrap and deliver your gifts; wait at home to let visitors in and make you look like a real hero! It’s all about how much you value your time. Delegating errands takes only a couple of minutes.

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