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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The Record-Breaking Tube Challenge

The London tube ride is rarely something commuters look forward to.

Delays, overcrowding and that inevitable signal failure. No, travelling on the Underground isn’t something you will often hear spoken of with fondness. But it does seem to bring out the competitiveness in some of us.

Guinness World Record holders, Geoff Marshall and Anthony Smith, travelled to all the London Underground stations within 16 hours, 20 minutes and 27 seconds! Certainly puts the early morning commute time into perspective.

On average, we have a dozen errand runners using the London underground daily, facilitating requests and helping busy Londoners save time. For us, it’s not a competition and we have no world records to break. We simply run errands intelligently because we love to help. Those shoes you didn’t have time to re-heel, those spare keys you didn’t have time to cut, Jack’s present you couldn’t get off the meeting to collect; we’ll go in your stead and your day needn’t feel a hiccup.

Start saving time today. Delegate errands at or give us a call on 02077540324 to discuss your needs.