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Friday, 11 October 2013

Time Well Spent: Office* 2013

Laura Schwartz is a wise woman. She says ‘it’s outside the office that you discover the ideas and the contacts that have the most impact inside it’. How right she is. 

Errands Plus have had an amazing couple of days at Office* 2013, the UK’s biggest event for office professionals, meeting PAs, Office Managers, Directors, Business Owners and Executive Support Executives from diverse walks of life. 

Spending time with these dedicated professionals, we talked about the thing most important to all of us – Time: How we spend it, why there's never enough of it, how we would want more of it and ways through which we can maximise it. We were inspired by those conversations and our amazing new contacts. We listened, we learned and we got a better understanding of what our prospective clients would want.
In all, it was a truly rewarding experience and our team never pulled together more than at this event. Special mention must go to Helen for keeping us all sane and being the 'rock' throughout the project; to Ken for working so many late hours with a smile; to Daria for inspiring the team with her quiet confidence & manning the stand so effectively, to James for our stunning artwork, and to other members of our team too numerous to mention but who contributed to the success of our show in no small measure, Thank you!
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